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tv   NBC 10 News Playoff Special  NBC  January 13, 2018 1:30pm-3:30pm EST

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tony dungy you know what it takes to to the super bowl and win it and you've been telling people in philadelphia believe in nick foles. tell us why you believe that. to the fans out there, you >> i seen nick foles play. can't lose faith. my son was at arizona, at >> you know what's in our minds oregon, seen him play for chip bro, championships, that's it. kelly here and seen him win games in the nfl and seen the >> if there's ever an opportunity for me as head eagles play 13 they're not a football coach to rally the one-man team. troops now might be the time. i believe he'll play well and >> we're playing for something eagles team will have to win the bigger now boys, it's going to game. >> you've said the nfc take every friggin body in the championship game will be played room. here next sunday. >> i believe that. i'm so proud of you guys, man, i think this type of day favors the eagles. they're rested. nfc east champs. i love it. they're at home and they got a chip on their shoulder. everyone saying they can't do it [ applause ] >> this falls more on my shoulders than these players. i think that impacts a team when >> ain't got to be pretty we just need a w that's the
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mentality here on out. you are coach can you motivate proud of you boys. the players. let's go. >> you can but i think doug pederson is saying here's what on three. our strengths are, here's where >> announcer: you're watching "news playoff special", spo we match up. here's how we have to play at the falcons it matter what's we do on the field. sponsored by -- cure auto >> with nick foles 1 for 17 with insurance, drive well. >> oh, the link is ready to rock. him as quarterback why do you it is playoff football. think he went through those a whole new level. struggles. >> i think they are trying to figure what he's doing well. eagles with a great home field we have to remember he didn't advantage thanks to the loud have a lot of work with that first team group until he crowd at lincoln financial started playing. field. >> it's three hours to the start of the game and xfinity live is i think the bye week, getting geared in, zeroed in, this is already packed. exactly what nick does well. look at the people down there. this is what he likes. getting that timing. we've heard a lot of chants of i think you will see a different fly eagles fly inside. nick foles today. >> they're fired up. thank you for joining us as we >> there's a great stat we've seen in philadelphia that when you rush the ball 25 or more get you ready for kick off at times against the falcons, fams 4:30 today. >> we're live in south philly if are 26-6. you don't want to watch the game eagles 11-1 is tha the at home, if you want to hang with us, come on down. the running game. we want to have you. >> i think for both sides.
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this is such a good place to i was in atlanta on wednesday catch a game. >> no question. and they're coming in with the over the next two hours our team same mentality. will get you ready for kick off. it's going to be a cold game. philadelphia has a great pass rush. we'll have live reports from the can't just throw the ball all over the field. field, the plaza, the parking whoever establishes the run game lot, nbc 10 has you covered, we're going to bring it to you, and stops the other team will win. we're your official station for that's why i like philadelphia because of their defense. the eagles. >> last time it was home underdogs was a game against you and the bucs coming up here in the quarterback nick foles versus matt ryan. 2000. been a month since league mvp >> wow well they won that game. ha, ha. >> tell us about the home field advantage in philly they have carson wentz went out now on nick foles. >> he started one playoff game in the last two years. >> well that's because they have in his career and last time a good team. eagles made the playoffs. foles threw two touchdowns in the atmosphere is raqquckus. that game with zero turnovers. that's important. ur so far this year he's been they feed off it. no question. it's not just the fan s. this is a good football team that plays inconsiste well. inconsistent. the key today is finding the i think the crowd helps, especially the run defense. right foles against the san i think it will be great francisco giants had 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. atmosphere. >> do you have a score final two games looked like a prediction. >> i think the eagles win a
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different qb was 23 for 49. low-scoring game. >> you hear that philadelphia he believes in nick foles and the 202 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 eagles. >> i do, i do. >> thank you. look forward to your analysis on picks. so nick how is your confidence nbc alternate day. >> we're excited. level? >> honestly i feel great. can't wait. >> thanks a lot tony dungy. i feel really, really good. >> and likely to be a confident. low-scoring game because the so far it's been a great week of eagles have great defense. work. i don't know, i can just say i >> right. feel good. >> so do the falcons this is i don't want to expand any more. likely the best defense they've faced all year. i feel really good. felt great at practice. yes they are coming in as thought we got a lot of great underdogs but earlier this week, work in. just staying in the moment. fletcher cox said we may be like i said, staying in the moment is the biggest thing. underdogs but we're fired up. you're going to always have we have something to prove. criticism, i know that, and i think the big thing is i feel we come out and ring the bell good, i'm in the moment, and every week and can't wait to that's a great thing when you're an athlete or anyone. prove everyone wrong. >> he said it is disrespectful. i think the big thing is we have a one seed under dog what are to go out, make plays, stay in you talking about right. the chains, do all of the little live now outside lincoln things and when big plays happen financial field at a tailgate party at head house plaza. let them come to us and there will be big plays big thing the wind is whipping out there, lauren. against this execution is they >> it really has been, guys. are very good they do fly around let me show you where we are. and do a good job what they do. >> so matt ryan is the more this is right where everyone is coming in.
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and they are very excited. experienced quarterback but playoff record is not too as they are getting closer and closer to game time. impressive in nine games i got to show you some folks delaware county native 4-5 that as they walked into the stadium they had their hands up, including last year's super bowl loss. they were so excited we had to pull them aside how excited are we can tell you there's already you guys. a really good crowd here at >> ahhh! xfinity live. >> a ton of people down there. >> yeah. >> as we know eagles fans know how to tailgate doesn't matter what the weather is. [ chanting ]. tim has the best assignment here >> they are very excited. to catch up with the loudest and so how optimistic. proudest birds fans, he's among >> so optimistic all the way to minnesota baby. them too he's onef. here we go! >> the yeah it's not hard to find us. >> we'll be back next week! check this out. >> that's right. >> no doubts here. look at all these people here. hold on one second. cool thing is we are up on an i got to ask this guy back here. elevated food trailer. look at this. we got the burgers going, the what inspired the beard. chops going, the roast beef a >> because back in the 700 level usc loud people. team was giving us all year what are lobster and shrimp coming up. we wanted we need to give them look at these chops. what they need today. they need us today. hey listen, come here. we got to step up.
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this is the man right here. next fan up. you say you were here and ♪ go eagles fly experienced it, go home we need people to get up and do the ♪ fly eagles fly right thing for this team. ♪ >> all right i'll let you sing. >> everybody. [ chanting ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> listen how great. how many years you been doing >> we're here to do our job. this? >> 25 years. >> why you keep doing it? >> that's what will be in the >> because we love it. stands today cheering on the eagles. these are all friends all family keith and jacquelyn back to you. we love it. >> that's a great love it's not about eagles or football it's about family and the guy with the beard. relationships. >> is it nice to have a playoff >> green beard giving jalen game. just feels different than it did mills a run for his money. >> imagine if i walked in with couple weeks ago. that, know what our boss would >> it's awesome the bigger the do. >> you should try that see how game the bigger the party the it out to brittany shipp, bigger the rimando. come back here next week we're out there with the bus so many going to still be here. >> order the food it's a lot. >> i agree. philadelphia. >> we're just have going time. >> i also want to show you guys i made some new friends. you guys ready. real quick, the ice sculpture. they went all outlook at the ice go long. skupt your. did you see the spiral on that. this is, like, look, they do awesome. good job. so we have the road to victory bus here.
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shots through the ice and you and the entire ire thing now is can see everybody gets a turn at totally filled almost to the top the ice trough, the lombardi ice trophy. with signatures and everyone continues to come in. what are you writing. only in philadelphia. now here's the thing we don't >> i'm writing for my kids and have one of these real lombardi wife who are in spain watching trophies yet, few weeks we're the game today. >> watching all the way from going to get ours guys, back to you. spain. >> me and my sister, watching >> good replacement. the game. >> what do you want to say to the eagles today. vince lombardi trophy. >> it's great you think ice >> go birds. >> so that's a great thing. so you can stop by here road to victory bus. sculpture, fundraiser, you're walk a few more steps, and now not at a gala you're in the the party starts. parking lot. so you get all your free giveaways here. >> lobster and shrimp. >> we know how to do it right did you get your free beads. >> yes we did. now. >> eagles have been underdogs are you excited for the game. giving them that fuel. >> first to be under dog at home to a sixth seed. >> hi. oh, wow. john clark talked to the players hi. hello. hello. all week. okay so once you continue to this is real bulletin board walk this way, getting a little rowdy out here guys. material. >> yeah absolutely. one of the big reasons it's then we have performances and we carson wentz effect losing him. also the falcons defense. have a live taping of a show.
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how impressive has the falcons so everyone's having a good time. defense been, well, playing the getting geared up, definitely eagles today will now have faced cold, temperatures will continue the other five nfc playoff teams over the last six weeks. to drop these eagles fans from they hold the rams to 13 points last week. having fun check back in with you at the studio and check in before that held the panthers to 10 points. in just a bit. >> live now outside philadelphia held the number 2 seed vikings getting a taste of the energy out there. thank you so much. to 14. the santds held the saints to matt ryan warming up. 17. they've been excellent. hoping the wind swirls when he eagles offense will be under siege. goes for his kick offs. look at nick foles leading man, starting quarterback for eagles arriving here at the link. he is ready to go. one guy going to be effect on his teammates say he has been the opposite jake elliott coming more confident, more relaxed, and more comfortable this week, up with big situations particularly against the giants ever since then have been a settling into his role. really great story for the here are the birds talking about philadelphia eagles we hope our rookie kicker is not affected by being underdogs at home in the playoffs. the winds. >> i mean, we've been an under obviously 15 to 16 miles an hour dog in our last game ever since winds. >> what a difference between 11 went down and we just found a yesterday and today. way to win. 65 yesterday and then today it regardless defense helping drops 30 degrees in just two offense or offense helping hours.
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defense or special teams, we so a shot to the fans but not just got to go out and play our affecting them. type of football. >> doing what we did in the we see people still out tailgating doing just fine. regular season. people were doubting us before. >> let's get to our chief >> all year i have no idea if meteorologist tammy, tell us we've been favorite or underdogs about the wind and we know the temperature drop can feel it all year and not going to change out. >> you can see the players guys now. the game's going to be preparing puffy clothes, under garment, well, you know, executing. >> whatever gets you ready to go john are the joe namath panty play football let that be your hose days they got better stuff so do all the fans. reason. for me personally i'm not even the winds will be a player out concerned about who the under dog is all the other stuff, i there, at first i thought i wanted to be in the stadium, no, don't care about that. >> we using that as fuel and we we dropped 30 degrees it was 64 going to go out there and this time yesterday. execute. right now looking at 34 degrees. >> i think whoever perceives us going to feel much chillier in as the weakest that's fine, the shade. feels like 22 degrees. teams over look us, that's good, winds gusting to 22 miles an hour. i know keith mentioned the winds it just fuels us. would be 15 miles an hour that's >> when i talked to jalen mills sustained, the gusts are what about being an under dog mainly you want to avoid for the kickers and the passing this is due to missing carson wentz i going to throw things off in said do you want to prove you're not just a one-man team. many places, looking at 28 miles he said not really he said he an hour wind gusts out of the
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wants to win it for carson wentz. north and north west, it's cold and jason peters hall of fame wind. yesterday we had the south wind. tackles, can't be out with them with these north west winds all of the players lost due to historically higher the win the injury the eagles want to win it for them. lower the scores. both teams will kick and pass into these wins. i'm john clark live at the link dome teams struggle in the cold. back to you keith and jacquelyn. >> thanks so much. it's only going to get colder. it rained overnight as well. plus factor in the cold could be below zero with wind chills in the teens and 20s. a major factor in the game. guys, back to you. >> fans have endured a little >> all right our tailgate party bit of rain. here at xfinity live rolls on our chief meteorologist back in even after the game. the weather center. >> come on down watch the game with us. we know it will be cold how big we're going to go back to the parking lots next. a factor will wind be. >> wind is going to be a big look at that crowd heading into the link. factor but guess what we got falcons, eagles, it's almost game time. sunshine that boosted us to 35 degrees this hour. shadows are moving in though. tempt will fall quickly once the sunsets. more and more student debt is keeping people from doing what they love. (horn sound) feels like 24 maybe it's a good ♪ ♪ luck charm for eagles they've like buying a home. been playing in a lot of cold ♪ ♪
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weather. winds out of the north, north (knocking sound) west 20 miles an hour will drive traveling. down that feels like temperature ♪ ♪ will gust between 29 miles an hour dropping to 22 miles an even getting married. hour gust later this evening. ♪ ♪ at citizens bank we can help you refinance these are north west winds that both your federal and private student loans. will provide a head wind for so you can start saving and get on with your life. both teams. ask a leader in student lending look at the temperature. going to be falling. how we can help you reach your potential. at game time will be just below freezing. will continue down staying below freezing and feels like that wind chill will feel like the teens. right now is the warmest we will see all day on that field. 29 at kick off north west winds. 28 at halftime. 25 in the fourth quarter. it will be raw and it will feel between 12 and 20 degrees. fly eagles fly. >> announce >> announcer: "eagles gameday kick-off" . >> all this week fans across
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delaware valley unphased by the cold able to show their team spirit. >> the victory bus has fans leaving messages on it for the team. we teamed up to help get fans ready for today. we saw people signing that bus in the pouring rain. they were determined. we can tell you right now the bus is parked outside xfinity live where we find nbc 10 brittany shipp down with a lot of fans. >> that's right. we're outside. we are here at the victory bus. >> yeah baby this is how we beat them baby, it's going down, yeah, baby! [ cheers and applause ] baby, baby, yeah!
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whoo! [ cheers and applause ] eagles! >> that's right, you heard it here. we also have our group of friends here that came all the way down from ontario, from canada they drove seven hours, you're going to the game. >> we are going to the game, yeah, whoo,eagles. >> so you can come out here and have a great time. bonfires are going because temperatures will continue to drop. behind us we have the road to victory bus. back to you. one of a kind here with this hat. i mean where did you get this hat. >> i got it online. i make them. everybody can buy these. got all kinds of hats. get your hats represent in the super bowl. telling you we're going to the super bowl. all the eagles fans going crazy
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♪ ♪ baby, baby. you're watching nbc 10 news >> can't top that. we'll go ahead and end on that playoff special sponsored by -- note and send it back to you in the studio. >> are brittany may do a quick getting closer to kick off to the best team in the nfc, the order and have that hat before our coverage is over. philadelphia eagles hosting the we are getting revved up for the eagles game. six seeded atlanta falcons. >> we're here at xfinity live, guys on the eagles talk about playing in their first playoff big tailgate party ahead of game, plus what is the today's 4:35 start. atmosphere, one of the birds all >> john clark is live from time greats from 2004 super bowl team will join us live. lincoln financial field down there john how's it feel, how's the energy. >> you know eagles fans are starting to come in and warm this place up. there's a lot of energy. as we talked about with mike, we got a tense of a lot of concern and worry over the last couple weeks but today it's just all passion and belief. now they did just announce inactives. take a look at them. sidney jones who made eagles
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debut in last regular season game is inactive with hamstring issue he will not play, won't be an infusion of his young talent in this game. destiny vaeao and qualls out they are going with fletcher cox, tim jurn and bo allen. today will see corey graham i o today will see brandon graham into one of those defensive tackle spots. that will be key because weak spot for the atlanta falcons line is their guard so maybe eagles can get pressure there. i'm telling you the energy is really picking up here as is the wind. as you can see behind me, things are blowing all around, my hair's blowing, the wind is really picking up. talking to david in the parking lot he kicked couple game
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winning field goals at the link he said it will be a big concern for the kickers, he said you got to keep the ball lowerget up ind get blown to either side. i'm john clark, live in the link, it is really getting cold in here. back to you. >> let's stay inside the link and take couple live pictures of fans starting to filter in. that's the front row. they're fired up. they're dressed warm too. really smart. they got their jackets. number 11 jersey. brent celek behind him. they're fired up. ready to go. fill up. let's check outside the stadium back with some birds fans in the parking lot. >> tim furlong checking parties. nice catch. >> sorry. i got distracted. i know i'm smoupposed to tv fir football second but it's eagles game day this is just the
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greatest greatest atmosphere it's been so great out here. we're having so much fun, meeting so many great people. everybody so pumped. what's going to happen in this game. >> we're going to win. no doubt. >> i like your confidence. >> eagles easy by two touchdowns, easy. >> by two touchdowns i like your thinking. i like your thinking. hey listen we're back where we started in the beginning earlier. i'm a beast with the one handed catch. you see we're having a good time. what do you think will happen today. >> i think the eagles will win. i know everyone's worried about foles i think he will come through big. nbc 10 is counting you down to kick off. think we're going to do well. i bleed green. i believe in the eagles. the eagles game begins at 4:35. >> can i tell you you look like we are two hours and 48 minutes an adorable panda bear. away. >> that's all i want to be, an there's only one place to watch this game right here on nbc 10, adorable panda bear. that's all i want to be. >> go birds. the official tv station of the have a good day.
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philadelphia eagles and then guys you can see everybody is don't miss our live postgame ready in every way possible to show immediately following the game. finally now go inside and play we're here live at xfinity live. football in that beautiful stadium we call the link. the party is going on already. it's going to be a good day. think we'll be doing this again expecting a huge crowd for this next week in nicklesy. game. >> yeah the eagles defensive guys, back to you. play makers need to make a >> we should sign tim furlong put him in the slot with those splash. here's the eagles longest play of the season. >> the blitz is on. hands. lefty one handed catch while doing live report, got to count steps up. deep. for something. >> i don't miss anything with it's caught! these bigs paws i'm ready. put me in. puts a move ton! i'm ready to play. >> looks like you're in the mix >> in for the touchdown of it. about two hours ago you were he falls backwards. there. there's a porto bopo potty with 72-yard bomb to agholor. >> just like stopping and run. gate keeper. >> yeah my man nobody gets into ♪ kpd the bathroom without the clicker. >> nice little chest bum this >> fighting to get in. >> have to use a clicker. he has a magnetic lock on there. will be nelson agholor's first playoff game and he's not alone. can't to it now because somebody >> some veteran goes their
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might be in there could be entire careers without making it this far to take advantage of embarrassing situation not going to have any part of that. that opportunity. it's all good fun but i'm going so bottom line excitement for the first timers is undeniable. to need the clicker in a minute >> here is the first one in front of me. because i had 12 sprites in the i want to leave it all out last hour. there. you want to leave the game swear they're only sprites, too. knowing you did everything you can to lead the chore us. >> i think it will be like any >> and wasn't there also an ice other game because i haven't been in playoff environment. sculpture out there. >> yes. only thing different for me is we've eaten well, there was an the outlook people have in the playoff. ice sculpture the lombardi i'm going to have to still do my trophy you could pour shots down dale wri routine nothing out of and on the other end can receive character just go out, have fun, the shot. do what i can to put my team in but again i'm on the clock so i the best position to seal this win. don't do that stuff. very responsible but watching plenty of people take plengt of shots and have plenty of beer. >> you lose, going to be on the a lot of people will have to hit the bathroom on their way in couch. we ain't trying to be on the because they've certainly eaten and had plenty to drink today. couch. playstation still got dust on it let it still have dust on. making it hard for me to hear you guys. everybody going to come >> tim furlong outside in the saturday. saturday's all about that, bro. parking lot outside the link.
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the energy is pal able we are >> so the eagles have only lost one game this season at the counting down to kick off. link. it was that meaningless last live above the end zone, eagles season against the cowboys. >> joined now once again by john about an hour from kick off zblark fans say he gives extra against the atlanta falcons the biggest game of the season right juice here on nbc 10. stick around. . >> the eagles with the best home ♪ 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers. field advantage, 13-3 best record at home in two years in the nfl. they're giving up just 14 points a game over last two years and best margin of victory over the last two years they are winning by 12 points a game. yes it is the defense. yes it carson wentz. but also this crowd. listen to doug pederson how this crowd the philly faithful can help the birds win today. >> we want teams to come into our stadium and to feel -- to feel our fans and to feel the excitement, and to feel the noise, and to feel everything
1:50 pm
about philadelphia. i've been a visiting player coming into this stadium in a playoff-type atmosphere and it's tough to play. because our fans are loud from the opening kick off to the last whistle of the game. >> all right. and we are joined live by mike who wants to give special shout out to nbc 10's tracy davidson. >> i absolutely do tracy was the first anchor i worked wx it's always good to be back in philly. it's cold. i'm in the shade for the pregame i should have brought your jacket. might be my size. >> you could take it it will probably go up to here on you. but yeah the weather dipped from 60s to today, do you have think this type of weather, falcons being a dome team can help the eagles. >> great point you make. we used to talk playoffs over the years and say dome teams can't take it on the road, teams
1:51 pm
that take it on the road run it well and can play defense. the other three teams in the nfc new orleans, atlanta, minnesota can run and play are defense can play defense so dome teams are not as big advantage as they used to be. >> good point you saw the falcons they ran 39 times against the rams. do you think this game like a lot of games will come down to controlling the line of scrimmage which team can do it best? i do and i think we will have a low scoring game. fourth quarters end to get out people open things up. both defenses are good. both lines are excellent and deep. can the offensive line get a push on the line of scrimmage. there's always a gray line are the defensive lineman on the coming at you with my brand-new vlog.
1:52 pm
right side of that will tell how just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this game goes. >> a lot of players saying nick this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. foles is in a different state of kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. mind taking over that role from should i go habanero or maui onion? carson wentz what did you get from interviewing him? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? unique place because he has an chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. appreciation being back here in philadelphia again. say what up, rocco. ♪ you will hear him in the pregame feature he talks very emotionally about the connection with fans not just now but when he was gone in kansas city. >> announcer: you're watching so he know what's it means to the city. nbc10 news playoff special he knows what it means to the sponsored by cure auto insurance, drive well. city. and to the atmosphere here. is it going to be good enough to hey i'm tim furlong back win i don't know, i don't think nick will be the problem it will here one last time, what happens be controlling atlanta's defensive front and fletcher cox tonight. >> hey, eagles all the way going can they get pressure against to win this game. atlanta's guards. if they do that the eagles have >> today philadelphia puts their a tremendous chance to be back here with you freezing next trust in nick foles, st. nick sunday. >> you're going to freeze too gets it done baby.
1:53 pm
hopefully. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right let's start you know what is interesting walking, time to go to the game, too, matt ryan has been on a run let's go, we're walking, we're in the playoffs, last year this walking. time to go. year, 10 touchdowns no interceptions. >> all right we're live here at i see he doesn't make big the road to victory bus. mistakes he is 3rd in the nfc in are you guys ready to do an passing yards and we forget him eagles chant. in the regular season. >> we do. he is huge. each divisional game, >> e-a-g-l-e-s! quarterback who has been to eagles! [ cheers and applause ] super bowl where three of won it >> that's it you guys ready for against relatively inexperienced quarterback. the game. these come down to one or two plays. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right that's it for us, we're all ready now. doesn't mean the nick foles of we'll send it back to you guys. just haven't as on and matt ryan, local guy obviously, 1-3 >> all right guys, take a look in his games coming back here, but in the playoffs, he elevates at that sight heading into the link with super bowl dreams today. his game and plays at a calm level. these are the last of final he and julio jones hadn't been great in the red zone this year moments to get really excited but were when it mattered before the game. going to take you out with some against the rams so watch the eagles cheerleaders. red zone. you guys excited. b at lincoln , >> and mohamed sanu big in the red zone this year.
1:54 pm
final question for you, you've been around philadelphia last couple days and you get a sense this is an under dog city. i'm lauren is it kind of fitting they are nbc10 news. playoff underdogs against the i'm john clark live in the falcons. >> yeah loveable, embraced link, this say fams team coming panic. it's like, yeah, it's our in with a lot of moment. eagles, can't wait, so glad to this eagles team is rested and be back in the playoffs but ready. we're worried that's great philly fans are so special nick foles has looked more because there's an honesty. confident and comfortable in no truth serum needed. practice and ooelgeagles will jn they will say right away what they feel. the j train and he will have a they are behind everybody. they are concerned. lot of rushes, it's going to be because carson wentz isn't here. a home field advantage, best it's a little bit different home field record in nfl over feel. see how they establish the run the last two years. game. if they have success early with fly, eagles fly. nick i think philly fans will i'm john clark. back to you. have a very enjoyable evening. >> we are ready. one hour to game time. >> i'm going to back you up, one victory today and eagles listening to everybody in philly host the nfc championship game there's been a lot of concern next sunday. >> that would be so good we'll and worry but today it's no fear be back after the game with nbc out in that parking lot. >> for sure they've done this a 10 exclusive interviews. time or two and waited four they work so hard for this home years. field advantage we hope they tailgates are great, playoff maximize it this afternoon.
1:55 pm
tailgate is a playoff tailgate. thank you for watching us and they were lined up an hour thank everyone here at the before the gates open this morning. the joy of sports you connect biggest party xfinity live. with your area, your city and >> we leave you with our fans eagles connection is special. america knows it and i think will see it coming up in a little bit. >> fans will be lathered up. thank you very much. back to you. >> we know the fans have been singing eagles fight song excited all week leading up to this kick off. ♪ fly, eagles fly! >> what it's like for the ♪ on the road to victory players. who better to bring in than a ♪ fly, eagles fly ♪ score a touch down ♪ 1, 2, 3! new member of the eagles hall of ♪ ♪ hit em low, ♪ hit' em high, ♪ and watch our eagles ♪ fly, eagles fly! ♪ fame, live now at the plaza with an eagles legend. who do you have? ♪ hit em low, ♪ hit' em high, ♪ and watch our eagles >> yeah, jacquelyn and keith ♪ fly, eagles fly! ♪ fly, eagles fly! kicker david ackers we've been ♪ on the road to victory standing here talking about the weather, i have to start with that. ♪ on the road to victory what kind of impact will this wind have? ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!
1:56 pm
s we are feeling it shift come whoo! from south to north now obviously that effects the ♪ kicking game which i was concerned about many years but obviously the passing game as well. so seeing how it will play out as the game goes on. obviously we got a great running game as well. great defense. just going to be excited to see them progress on to the next division. >> when you would head out to the field and you would know that the wind was blowing like this, how do you sort of steal yourself for that. >> big thing try to keep it below the trees when kicking into the wind, try to drive it to the goal post quickly as possible. that's one thing john harbaugh told me early in my career. going with the wind get it up in the air and let it ride out. i'm sure jake will get out there early and figure out what's going on. i have all the faith in the world he'll have a great day. >> give us a sense what the
1:57 pm
emotions are for these guys today, you know, playoff, here at home, at the link, what are they going through. >> funny i was just talking to some of the employees with the eagles and said have you been in an eagles atmosphere during a playoff game they said no, i said, it's second to none. eagles fans are so fashionate. passionate. as a player you want to be in it to win it. you win this one you're in nfc championship game. you try each and every play to do the best you can. forget that go on to the next one. a lot of emotion. the crowd needs to get the feeling back to the 04-05 season when we beat the falcons and go on to the super bowl. >> all right thank you so much we're going to send it back to you as we continue to wrauch this wind that's whipping around out here at the link. nbc 10 news. >> cold and windy quite the combination. who has the best tailgate party.
1:58 pm
that's straight ahead. >> plus we're keeping an eye on the field as eagles players begin to warm up. sure we'll see jake elliott out getting that early practice in as eagles legend david akers just talked about. we're live after the break. next time, i want you on my bowling team. ♪ stand up and cheer, stomp your feet, start clapping ♪ ♪ nbc sunday night about to happen ♪
1:59 pm
from kicking off with the super bowl champions, to starting your weekend early -- >> throwing for baldwin. oh my goodness, he caught it. >> unbelievable. sunday night football and thursday night football thanks to extraordinary partners. counting us down to kickoff. >> they need to start fast. [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo.
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2:01 pm
it is game day here at xfinity live in south philadelphia. the eagles host the atlanta falcons a win today and the birds host the nfc championship game. >> it would be great. don't want to get too ahead of ourselves. >> right. >> tim says he found the tailgate champion. who you got, tim. >> first of all want to show what a nice day, it's cold, it's windy, look at that flag flying. this is a beautiful day for playoff football. am i right. [ cheers and applause ] we got the nbc 10 crew here
2:02 pm
giving out goodies. want to take you inside to meet the tailgate champion. this is glen in here. here's why. this is his rv. are we're going to change lighting a little bit. glen you're our tailgate champion here's why look at this guy he has with him. this is tommy booth. >> it's a cardboard cut out because thomas got called up to afghanistan this past september he's going to serve until august and we're very proud of him and want him to know he's loved and supported and every game we take pictures with him so he and his family know he's thought of. >> and he would be here if he wasn't serving our nation protecting all of us. >> he would be here today. >> make sure you thank him and make sure he sees this. >> we will. >> i also want to show what's going on, chicken, salad,
2:03 pm
hoagies, sausage and peppers. we have chants outside. we have fresh meat balls. they have a bathroom. lots of signs mocking dallas. every rv that's an eagles fans has to have signs mocking dallas. best thing is the eagles couch here and in the back the eagles bed walk with me, best part when it is cold outside you come back here and got the eagles blanket and curl up. look f you could come in, there's a t vrks here they can watch nbc 10 pregame show and watch the game in here if it gets too cold, can take a little rest and go back out and tailgate. so this is legit. this is like my heaven. when the eagles go to minnesota i might rent this and drive this dog out and take turns driving. that's about 20 hour drive but if you go this is the way to go, bring the food guys. so i'm going to send it back to you because it's nap time. i think the guy's creeped out,
2:04 pm
watching it on live tv like guy's in my bed. when you invite me in bad things happen, you should know not to invite me into your place. back to you guys. >> people on the east coast reacting to you guys it's great. >> those are my people here on fintech live we're happy to be here with them. it's awesome it's a playoff victory day. now it's nap time just ten minute snooze. see you later. >> all right tim thank you. let's talk about if carson wentz hadn't injured his knee against the rams. last year's mvp matt ryan versus squents carson wentz many think
2:05 pm
should make the title this year. >> hurts to watch that. nick foles 27 touchdowns and 2 picks. here's the match up of his stats this season compared to falcons quarterback matt ryan. foles played in seven games this season. last three as the starter. threw 537 yards. 79.5 quarterback rating. 56.4 completion percentage. >> matt ryan started every game, threw more thachb 4,000 yards above average qb rating and completed more than 60% of passes. nick foles said he is at his best when he is comfortable and just goes out and plays. >> hear that little chant back there. fired up! foles said he does have a different perspective on this game of football in the past year. the reason he became a father. here's the eagles qb on playing
2:06 pm
for his 7 month old daughter. >> i want to give everything in this game i know my family is out supporting me, gives anyone strength, for me, having a da d daughter is unreal. every day i go out and see her, it puts life in perspective. i'm getting emotional talking about her now and she's only 7 months old. just wait until she's older, i want to play the best game of my life. my daughter's alive. >> love how grounded he sounds. going to be dealing with the wind, the cold. >> a lot of elements. maybe will be a change today. let's go to our meteorologist, definitely elements out to deal with tonight. >> definitely elements to be concerned with. but got to tell you they've been playing in the bitter cold for the past month maybe this is an advantage. this is what i call the courtesy
2:07 pm
contingencien the of falcons fans maybe couple hundred, seems fitting, right. 35 degrees right now. feels like 25. winds out of the north west to 17 miles an hour. once the sun goes down it's going to get much colder and winds will make it feel really raw out there. the gusts at this point have been up around 24 miles an hour. moments ago 28 miles an hour gust in philadelphia out of the north west. everybody's been talking about the winds, will be out of the north west, the higher the wind, traditionally, the lower the score in the game. now both teams are going to be passing into these head winds at one half or the other and dome teams typically struggle in the cold, that's something we'll watch closely. winds again gusting 29 miles an hour right now, dropping down during game time 22 to 24 miles an hour wind gust out of the north and west. feels raw out there.
2:08 pm
feels like temperatures in the teens and 20s. i know foles got that baby bundled up really warm. guys, back to you. >> all right, the eagles road to victory starts in just about two hours. still time to sign the bus have you seen it yet. brittany shipp out there live has found enthusiastic eagles fans. >> they're not hard to spot they're everywhere. so this is the road to victim bus and you can see the all of the well wishes goes across the entire bus. let's go birds. let's do it. straight to the super bowl. everyone comes in and signs the bus. we're running out of room so we have this man lifting her up. >> this is my girlfriend. >> go eagles! whoooo! >> so after you sign the bus we keep going this way.
2:09 pm
we'll show you everything that is happening here. here is all of xfinity. once you come inside lots of music going. you can stop right here. grab your juju beads your bandanna, giving stuff away, i'm good, okay, got a little swag for us, and keep going we have the rockettes on the stage. so there's so much happening out here. just in front of xfinity live. eagles! send it back to you. just one big party. >> brittany, thank you so much. straight ahead on this nbc 10 news special starting wide receiver torrey smith, he joins us to break down what he needs to do to help the birds win today. fly eagles fly.
2:10 pm
♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪
2:11 pm
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2:13 pm
>> announcer: you're watching nbc 10 news "playoff special" sponsored by -- cure auto insurance, drive well. welcome back to xfinity live here, look at how packed it is. >> amazing. >> already. i'm jacquelyn london.
2:14 pm
>> and i'm keith jones. in fact we found out 5,000 people down there 6 atlanta falcons fans brave enough to show up. >> and any time they put anything on the screen that has anything to do with atlanta boo. >> just about two hours away from the start of the game. eagles receivers, weakest last year now most improved in the league. >> nelson nelson alghoro 62 catches, 8 t eagles hall of fame wide receiver sat with smith about what it means to make the playoffs. >> saturday sit down, sponsored by -- >> you been in this situation before getting into the playoffs what's different? your regular season is regular season, what's different in your
2:15 pm
mind about the playoffs? >> i mean, the playoffs to me is that there's no tomorrow if you don't handle your business. you know, for me, especially, myself not having the year i individually wanted it's like a reset button. you have the opportunity to go out and play your best. because people aren't the going to remember the regular season. all that matters, did you get it done. that's the goal to come here. that's why i came. feel like we have a great chance to win and represent this city and to be the first group to do it, that's special. getting goose bumps again every time getting around talking about it. it's crazy to know we are here earned it and got to go out and get it. >> wentz pumps, firing, dropped over the middle in and out of the hands of torrey smith. >> you mentioned a little disappointment. you had 13-3 season. but you caught 36 passes in this season. you ack a little bit about that.
2:16 pm
your disappointment in that individual. >> first of all you have five or six drops. >> darren sproles still looking, fires over the middle. and dropped. >> especially missing concentration, few i did my job wide open didn't seal the deal so that's frustrating. >> he is going. and it's picked off. he fake to clement, everybody bit, he threw down field and picked off. >> everybody talking now about nick foles, carson wentz goes down and nick foles is the guy running it's offense what's your impression where he is right now? >> i think he's in a great place. practicing well. last game would be different if i catch and run it in for a touchdown. >> it was a perfectly delivered pass by nick foles on a crossing pattern. torrey smith just juggles it, dropped it. couldn't throw it any better.
2:17 pm
>> i'm mad that he's taking heat because of my mistakes. by think he's ready to roll. every time i see people doubting him. i believe in him. every day i see them long locks hanging out his helmet on that pro bowl, that's who he is, we believe in that, it's always been next man up. again we're going to support him have his back and be in for him. >> not just not believing in nick but a lot of people counting the eagles out. you guys are underdogs coming into your own house a number one seed how do you feel about that? >> i think it's easy to say you feel some type of way about it. before the season who thought who would be good beside us. message to that is doesn't matter what the outside thinks, worry about yourself. we know who is with us, what we're capable of. we know there's going to be crazy fans out there saturday to
2:18 pm
have our back. i feel we prepare our best, we go out and perform our best and get the rufesults we want. >> let's talk about the field conditions. the wind can really influence the kicking game. falcons with 16-year veteran kicker in matt ryan. >> as for eagles jake elliott kicked his way into history books in week three against the giants. >> hold your breath. ball is spotted. the kick is away. and the kick is -- it's gooooood! and the eagles win. >> this is that dreamed i talked about. >> they win! >> i had this dream before. >> 61 yards! the longest kick in eagles history! >> ha, ha, how good is that. jake elliott was carried off the field by his teammates right there. the rookie kicker talked about
2:19 pm
kicking today in this extreme weather. >> what is it like kicking in these cold conditions? >> definitely makes things a little more challenging. that's my job to address that in pregame and figure it out. >> how do you adjust to it. what do you go through, some paces, things you do to adjust to the weather. >> few extra reps each game in pregame get a feel for the wind will it is gusty or not is something you can adjust to on the fly. good ones can do it and good ones can do it down the stretch here. >> tell us what it feels like, got to feel like a rock, like kicking below freezing, what not. >> if you make a good solid kick not going to hurt too bad. >> going from a rookie talk about one of the veteran targets for nick foles. brent the oldest 11 years with the birds.
2:20 pm
>> starting with the starting tight end. >> there is no eagles players need to get to the super bowl more than brent celek he is the longest tenured player on the team. to say needs to bring the city a championship would be an under statement as found out in our exclusive conversation. >> wentz, touchdown, celek! >> brent celek has been around so long some teammates have taken to calling him a relic. they enjoy having fun at the veterans expense. >> yeah, celek! yeah! >> you have elevated yourself to the oldest tenured athlete in the city of philadelphia. what's that mean to you, men. >> i think that's a double-edged sword. i think it's a great thing. i'm honored.
2:21 pm
you know, i never really knew too much about philadelphia until i got drafted and obviously as you know, and i think everybody knows, this is my home now. ♪ >> celek's leadership is a vital piece of this team's success. he's not wavering in what he thinks this team is capable of accomplishing. ♪ >> you've been in the playoffs with nick foles before. with that said how much confidence does he give you knowing his abilities in big game situations? >> it gives me a lot of confidence. i mean, i think, we're sitting in perfect position. >> having played in more playoff games than any eagle taking the field today celek is desperate to claim football's ultimate prize. >> want to win it, i know these fans want a super bowl, they want it all, i know, and i want it all. >> you can expect brent celek to leave everything he has on this field today.
2:22 pm
derek gunn nbc sports philadelphia. >> of the tens and thousands of fans in the parking lot in south philadelphia and 5,000 here in xfinity live alas can only be one fan of the game. >> just one. we checked all over and found a true fan showing his colors. >> we are live from head house plaza just outside the stadium. lauren. >> yeah keith and jacquelyn, this place is starting to fill up. take a look over here at all that green over there. they have been filling in. they are bundled today. they are ready for the game. but you know, a lot of people have been inspired by this season, have gotten so excited about it, but none quite like jacob wheeler. take a look. >> fan of the game sponsored by the pennsylvania lottery, benefiting older pennsylvanians every day. >> i became a eagles fan soon as
2:23 pm
i came out the womb. >> that hoped to inspire him to paint this port rate a depiction created after one ever the darkest moments of otherwise charmed season. >> my manager is like the city needs help, wentz is injured, i'm like i got something man. >> he took a blank canvas and began sketching and end result serves as inspiration. >> wentz is injured. right now foles is our quarterback right now. he's helping the team, giving them inspiration, he's our energy to get it going so we can go to the championship. >> as he wrote in the painting we ride together we fly together. he even has taken the painting to broad street where the idea
2:24 pm
of a parade a month from now is almost too much to put into words. >> oh, man, soon as you said that i seen so much inspiration, so much happiness, just touched me right there. seriously, really did. this town right here. like we really made it. i see it. >> yeah, he was inspired just like so many fans this season. i want to introduce you to corey and bee they are the ones all bundled up underneath here. guys tell me how far did you drive to get here today. >> five hours. >> five hours? why, why did you want the to be here. >> eagles. >> see the eagles beat the atlanta falcons, that's right. >> that's pretty much all you need, guys, that's the only reason you need, that is why everyone is here today. keith and jacquelyn back to you. >> thank you so much they had the right idea covering their faces. it's cold out there. right.
2:25 pm
starting quarterback nick foles starting to warm up. he's got that skull cap on. looking comfortable. got the glove on the left hand. good throwing motion jacquelyn big things expected out of him today. >> he's struggled last two games but says he just had to get out of his head and play the game he knows how to play. he says he's looser this week, he's more relaxed. his teammates said the exact same thing. hopefully we'll say that at game time start at 4:30. >> seen him out laughing and having fun. eagles fans can get creative. >> come back and break down the keys to the game for eagles victory. el: broke, homeless,
2:26 pm
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come on, let's go! let's go! we're gonna win it, let's go, come on! >> he is in for the touchdown! ♪ a 72-yard bomb to agholor! >> he can't be stopped! a run away train! a run away train! ♪ >> wentz will be escapinescapin. he escaped! how'd he do it? his first touchdown as an eagle jay ajayi! >> it's deflected and intercepts. touchdown alshon jeffery. >> allow did that happen. >> and for the touchdown it's brandon brown.
2:30 pm
>> running in is fournette to the touchdown. >> they are the number one seed headed to the playoffs. >> nfc comes through broad street. ♪ >> announcer: you're watching nbc 10 news, playoff special, sponsored by cure auto insurance, drive well. ♪ good afternoon on this playoff saturday afternoon, sky force 10 live above lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. been a while since our city seen a home playoff game. in fact four years ago we were right here talking about the birds. >> seeing the fans leave the parking lot. they will head into the stadium. the players are in practicing, getting ready, getting pumped up. we'll have keys to eagles victory in just a moment. fly,eagles fly. thank you for joining us i'm
2:31 pm
jacquelyn. >> i'm keith here with 5,000 fans at xfinity live. carson wentz just tweeted this -- >> like the confidence there. >> yes. and we know he's been working closely with nick foles trying to help his game. the game starts at 4:30 as we get closer to that game more moornd fans are coming to xfinity live to escape the frigid weather. >> but there are thousands outside braving the conditions right now. tim is live in the parking lot bringing us great stories with the fans. what have you found had time? >> hey listen back in the 80s when i found hi love of the team with this logo there was a guy
2:32 pm
playing with those guys, seth joyner you were one of my favorites, one of the nastiest guys ever, and you look like you can play today, do you ever have a day you want to get back out there. >> from a competitive standpoint you always miss the game but then that realistic side of you you try to run and realize you can't run like you used to, reality sets in. >> and you can run and you can lay a hit man. how do you feel about this game. you do a lot of tv and radio work with us nbc sports philadelphia, honestly what do feel about this, are they telling us we're the under dog. >> no, not at all. of course when you lose the mvp candidate everyone on the outside looking in is going to say well this team doesn't have a shot but at the end of the day it takes 53 guys on that roster to be successful of is carson wentz a big part of it, absolutely, but to think the other 52 guys can't get it done is absolutely absurd we're at
2:33 pm
home, our own backyard great defense, great running game great coaching staff, i expect nothing less than for this team to go out and win this game. >> number one thing we have to do well to win this game. >> pre technostructural the football. if nick foles protect the football and we run the ball in a balanced kind of way than we'll be fine. because the special teams and defense will do enough to help the offense do what they need to do. >> one of my all-time favorite eagle been a pleasure talking to you. thanks so much. i just got to talk to seth joyner one of my all time favorites. i saw aj talking to him, seriously like kid in a kelly green candy shop what a day. doesn't get any better, except for when we turnaround and go to this stadium to win a playoff game that's what we're going to do, guys, back to you. >> tim wearing his heart on his sleeve. makes him the best eagles
2:34 pm
correspondent in the parking lot this area has ever seen. >> love that. and we're both doing the throw back. love that. >> let's send it out to john clark with another eagles are great. >>. >> that's right now he's in the eagles hall of fame mike quick here, we're going to do keys to the game. we're going to break it down right now. >> announcer: keys to the game sponsored by tri-state toyota dealers, toyota, let's go places. >> all right let's take a look at three keys to the game and break it down. number one nick foles, of course. number two, eagles have to run the ball. and number three stopping the run. so mike quick, let's start with number one nick foles. obviously we saw nick foles against the giants with four red zone touchdowns and the other two games 1 for 17 on third down.
2:35 pm
which nick foles are we going to see today. >> i even like the order you put it in. i think nick foles's plays will be important for this team to advance. he doesn't have to win the game, john, but there's going to be a point in the game he's going to have to make a key decision with the football, thread it into a tight situation and has to come through for this football team to win the game. >> we heard from doug pederson and player that's he seemed more confident and comfortable in the role this week. there was obviously a hang over when you lose a mvp-type player like carson wentz what are you seeing out of nick foles. >> no question there's hang over for nick foles he just has to get back to playing the way he played when he was nick foles, playing his best. having the opportunity to work with these guys now for two weeks should him him a whole lot should help nick offensively to get the offense rolling. >> that leads us to key two, helping nick foles with the running game.
2:36 pm
seen jay ajayi 14 of 15 carries in september. this guy is so fresh with four game in three weeks. >> and he's the only running back in the national football league rushed over 100 yards he's well rested. the two weeks off will do him a lot of good. i expect him to touch the ball >> we have to. that's the way to go. they have to run the ball gechbs this defense and it will set up everything else. run game. >> and the eagles had best time of possession this year and last year as well. that takes us to key three, stopping the run. had two very good running backs with the falcons who can catch it out of the back field but eagles number one all year stopping the run how key is that. >> that has to continue. with fletcher cox in the middle
2:37 pm
and danell ellerbe these guys are going to be key if they can stop the falcons run game and force them to be a one-dimensional team will force him to get better and to throw the ball, it plays in the eagles favors. >> ellerbe questionable this week at practice what do you think his situation and readiness is with his injury. >> i think he's fine. i think first, second down we'll see quite a bit of him. especially if the falcons are going with multiple tight end set we'll see a lot of danell ellerbe. >> and we were talking about how tough the falcons defense really is. they have played all of the tough teams in the nfc last six weeks, eagles will be the last one they have to face, what do the eagles have to do as far as game-planning for a defense that's really fast and really just gets after the football soon as it snaps.
2:38 pm
>> i think we said it they have to start with effectively being able to run the football. control the trenches. their big guys i believe, can push the falcons around. this is a fast flowing falcons defense but it is one of the game where's you keep punching them in the mouth and end of the day you'll wear them down. >> you know, mike, we're here, fans are starting to arrive, you see a lot of ooerlyour jerseys here. >> got to have the throw back. >> this crowd eagles best record at home, how big is this crowd going to be for the game. >> i think the crowd will be huge and their effect on the game will be huge. when atlanta falcons are on the field they like to do a lot of communicating at the line of scrimmage. if the fans are into it, making it difficult for him to communicate bodes well for the philadelphia eagles. >> you heard it here, bunch them in the mouth punch them in the mouth, i like to hear that,
2:39 pm
thanks a lot mike. back to you. >> thank you so much. you will see a lot of mike quick jerseys probably not a ton of number 9 jerseys because carson wentz's jersey is most popular all around the country. >> even though wentz is injured he is still interviewing, he talked about the home team being under dog. >> atlanta is favorite in the game any motivation because of that. >> it's almost fitting, being in philly, i've lived here a while, played here, it's fitting honestly. i know our fans will be rowdy. you're aware of it. i know it. what matters what we go out and do on saturday. >> you can watch the rest of the foles sit down interview on "football night in america" right after us at 3:30. >> and we know the atlanta falcons want a repeat trip to
2:40 pm
the super bowl. they want redemption after losing to the pats last year in overtime but you know what the eagles are hungry, fighting, ready to prove everyone wrong. >> ready to upset the falcons. lauren is live out at the plaza where ton of activities. >> yeah we've found some sunshine out here which makes all the difference, i'll tell you, these folks are bundled and ready to go. oh, yeah they are excited. let me show you what we've been noticing out here as well. take a look at the wind. as you listen to the eagles cheers, look at the wind and how it's been blowing. it is actually calm compared to what we've been seeing all day. let me show what we caught on video earlier when we arrived. the was a tent out here at head house plaza. it just fleuw across this
2:41 pm
so fast. were having quite a time trying to get table cloths on and get everything to stay. the wind that the birds are going to be contending with today has been fierce. so we are watching to see how that is going to effect things. boy do we see the impact this morning. let me show you something else today. take a look over there. oh, he's going away. we were going to talk to brian there. he has a nick foles jersey on. we've been talking about the jerseys that we're seeing out here. brian come on over here for a second. you got your foles jersey on. >> got my foles jersey on. >> you were telling us you are a little bit concerned about what might happen. >> after we win the super bowl you're going to have a quarterback controversy. >> you're thinking -- >> -- that's right we're going to the super bowl. we got the best rated defense i think in football. we got plenty of weapons.
2:42 pm
he plays smart, makes some throws, we establish the run game we're going to win today. >> that's an okay problem to have, though, right. >> a great problem. great back up to have. >> thanks brian. all right. well he's going to go away for few and get into the game we're going to check out some more fun out here. guys, we'll throw it back to you. >> all right lauren a lot of people hyped outside and inside. the players getting warmed up on the field at lincoln financial field they are getting ready, we are getting you ready here on nbc 10. up next we're talking about whose in and whose out. we'll break down the inactives, which eagles players won't suit up for the game.
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
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you're watching nbc 10, official station of the
2:46 pm
philadelphia eagles. outside lincoln financial field it is packed with tailgaters and just because it dropped 32 degrees in two hours isn't to ing anyone to watch the game. >> the wind is going to be a factor throw particularly in the kicking game. >> the wind is going to be a factor kicking and passing both teams have to face the head wind one half or other. going to be gusty from 20 to 2 a miles an hour wind gusts. let's look out at the field. shadows moving in, going to feel quite cold in the shadows and temperatures are going to continue to drop. people start filtering in. the wind a little bit breezy down on the field, it is going to get worse. so 35 degrees. we are going to start to see things drop off over the next couple hours.
2:47 pm
feels like 25 and winds around the north west to 17 miles an hour. so because of those winds we're going to look at the temperatures that feels like, going to be in the teens. starting at 4:00 the temperature at or below freezing on the field for players drop steadily for the game get down into mid-20s and drop out into the mid teens and continue dropping off overnight for everyone out in the parking lots enjoying the celebration. official forecast. kick off will be close to 29 degrees. either side of it, the sunshine made a tiny difference but not a lot. we dropped 35 degrees where we were yesterday to today. winds out of the north west at 15 miles an hour with gusts as high as 25, 29 miles an hour. halftime 28, north west winds 14. in the fourth quarter 25 degrees, make no mistake, it's going to feel raw with
2:48 pm
temperatures 12 through 20 and will be passing and kicking into the wind hopefully can do it just as the wind gust ends, that will make all the difference in the world. >> at least with the eagles have the ball. but when falcons have it, everyone wants swirling winds. >> yes. >> down to the field now for the birds got jake elliott practicing kicking field goals and saw nick foles warming up player. >> yeah we just saw jay ajayi come by with an oxygen mask on said it probits his breathing a little bit so when he gets into the game he can actually breathe a lot better. we should all try it. i want to tell you about the concerned. over the last six weeks they are giving up an average of 16 points a game, playing some of the best defense in the nfl.
2:49 pm
lo good they have now en eagles and given up 13 tms, panthers 14 to 17 to the saints. they've been unbelievable. they're very, very fast. can get all over the field. corner backs are very physical. they can cover well. they can tackle well. going to be very hard for eagles receivers to get open. i asked doug pederson about how well they are playing riemght n is much-improved over the course of the season.ey're fast you sa the rams the o. flying to the ivers. ev coming out upx÷gél tryo a r. that's what you're seeing on peyou know a that's a key. theyave to get nick foles in
2:50 pm
that's what rhythm, start him off with quick >> yeah, falcons easy throws to get his confidence going. is only given up four plays of live at the link. back to you. 40 y let's keep the show rolling. t.ckd. maybe everyone's getting pumd link. >> got to keep it going for sure. couldn't agree more about the game plan. fans are not the only ones with superstitions, one player on the field really stands out. >> he got a lotn, jalen mills. falcad green in some of his dread locks this week. and he cut the dread locks because he had green it. he tweeted green got to go, we got philly coming up. maybe you don't. >> exactly regretting that for sure right there. brittany shipp is live victory excitement and energy, she's in m al that's right.
2:51 pm
the road to vtory is few feet behind us, you can come in and sign it y're through here greeted with food, and drinks, andave jim ller y know teur you don't even havc >> last two games i was at was de was game so it's pretty warm >> feels like summer l us about the eagles. season tickets for 38 years. >> so going to go down. >> i like them. you know, don't throw foles under the we're good. >> sound good. all right go eagles. stay warm out there today i'm worried about you. all right ladies you're heading into the game tell me how you feel about the energy out here. >> we are so pumped. >> so excited.
2:52 pm
marshall here giving out some nbc sports philadelphia swag so you can go inside or choose to stay outside. we have performances out here. we'll send you back to you in the studio. it's not bothering anyone. the temperatures are going to keep dropping and wind chills down to the teens, it doesn't matter, the fans are pumped. >> i love the color of the beard, dedication, that's a good one. >> everyone's in the spirit, pumped and ready and looking the part. >> yeah let's check in with tim now. last we checked he was interviewing one of his favorite eagles all time he also took a nap in someone's rv. >> yeah glad he woke up. >> who you got now tim. >> i have just nice eagles fan, guys, come over here in the sun we got to get you in the good
2:53 pm
lighting what's your name. >> nick. >> where you frm. >> delco. >> love it. what's going to happen objectively speaking what's going to happen here? >> eagles are going to come out with a win i'm predicting 23-20. it's going to be a tough game, defensive battle. but i think the birds are going to pull through absolutely. >> 24-10, eagles. foles finds his groove. defense holds up. >> gotcha. who do we get next week. >> saints. >> i any. >> i think vikings. >> who do you want. >> anyone who wants to come to lincoln financial field. >> anyone who wants to come to philly we're here ready baby. >> and you got your beads and swag, it's a good day. >> it's a great day, we're going to go in and be loud we're going to be [ chanting ].
2:54 pm
>> great chant. guys be safe. have fun. go birds. see you next weekend. >> absolutely. >> guys, back to you. >> tim furlong. look at him mike drop. he's about to drop the mike there. tim we're not done with you yet man how are they braving the cold. >> oh, keep talking i'm here. this is like new years, it was so cold, this is nothing, it's sunny. it's really nice i have no problem with this. the sun is shining and it's the warmth being around all these nice people getting ready to go in, play this game, and have fun. share this collective moment. with all these nice, somewhat crazy people who are following me like a pied piper here. i'm not sure he's 21. doesn't look like soda guys. >> i'm 21, daug. >> she's chasing me. sorry about that. see you see it's so crowded out
2:55 pm
here in the parking lot we're starting to see people cleaning up the grills. starting to see the trash bags getting full. a lost people getting ready to walk in. a lot of people looking like they had just about enough time in the parking lot if you get what i mean. that's right. all right. [ chanting ] [ cheers and applause ] >> tim is rocking it out there. have fun. be safe out there. been a while since we've seen this kind of energy from eagles fans. especially on a weekend like this in january. next week it could get even crazier. >> imagine if we get a w today as we go to break. check out fans tailgating from up above. eagles flag and america flag a beautiful site. we're right back.
2:56 pm
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2:58 pm
2:59 pm
right now we're looking at jake elliott, kick, >> 60-plus yarder. >> hope that all of his kicks today are good and hopefully will get carried off the field as he did before. we're less than 90 minutes before the game start it's right here on nbc 10 and stick around for the live postgame show after the game. >> a live look from lincoln financial field there's link fans filing in, they have waited several years for a home playoff game. look at that. everyone waiting to get in. milling about. a lot of nervous energy. lot of excitemen
3:00 pm
especially are in this cold and win. in about hour and half kick off no one will feel it. in xfinity it's mobbed about 5,000 in here officials expect 10,000 and 15,000 peopl t hou l just unbelievable. we know fans believe in the what's about the experts. >> most areqo@ >> joined nbc analytics andead
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